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The Cry of the Silenced: Chinese Dagongmei Oral Histories

In 2006, CWWN collaborated with scholars to produce The Cry of the Silenced, a collection of oral histories directly recording the voices of sixteen migrant women workers. As village girls who arrived with dreams of working in the city, they tell their stories of discovering the harsh realities of overtime work, occupational sickness, work injury, wage arrears and personal insult. As rural migrants, these women workers face discrimination and alienation in the city. Their slim awareness of their rights makes them subject to rampant exploitation. Why is it then, that millions of rural Chinese women continue to migrate to the cities? Through these women workers’ stories, we come to understand why China’s migrant women continue to suffer and fight for better lives in the city.

Common Knowledge in the Workplace


Occupational Injury Handbook

This free handbook is a resource CWWN began to make available in 2003 to injured workers who we meet through our worker centers or hospital visit program. The handbook is updated regularly with the newest legal information. The handbook offers help to injured workers seeking rightful compensation for their injuries.

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Survey report on women workers’ health conditions (2001)

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