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Hand in Hand Workers Center

“Collecting Women Workers’ 100 Dislikes”

Press Conference

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To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, the Hand in Hand Workers Center in Shenzhen held a press conference with the theme “Women Workers’ 100 Dislikes”. Women workers working in Shenzhen’s industrial districts were asked to put their difficulties down on paper as a way to give voice to their grievances.

In this Picture: The Press Conference

During the course of three weeks the Hand in Hand Workers Center was happy to collect no less than 500 “Dislikes”. The center organized a workshop where the workers voted for the top 100 most significant forms of “Dislikes”. The result revealed four main areas of concern: workplace discrimination; lack of decision-making power in marriage and household matters; excessive control of and stigmatization of women’s bodies and sexuality. Issues such as pay inequity between men and women, gender biased opportunities of promotions and professional development, non-implementation of the legal rights of pregnancy and menstruation leave, and the prevalence of sexual harassment came to the fore. Additionally, women workers were gravely concerned about the occupational diseases caused by chemical poisoning.

Among the workers present at the workshop, Li Qiaojuan said: “The factory’s trainings and educational opportunities are all given to men, and women workers do not have opportunities for promotions. This is very unfair!” Another worker, Wang Qingxiang, said: “Frontline workers often come into contact with chemicals, we often do not know what they are. In my factory, a lot of women workers have been poisoned but cannot receive any compensation!”

In this picture: The spokesperson Wang Baoyu

Women’s working life is still influenced by society’s perception that “men are breadwinners, women are homemakers”. As a result women remain by definition the primary caregivers within the family. Whether or not women actually do get married, which would likely limit their career opportunities because of intra-household dynamics, they are nevertheless perceived primarily as mothers and wives rather than workers. As long as women’s physical appearance is considered to be their most important “market value”, their performance and skills will never be fully recognized. Wang Baoyu, spokesperson of Hand in Hand Workers Center, vehemently stated: “There are several social expressions that oppress women, such as ‘women’s opinion’ [referring to the opinion of someone mediocre] and ‘long hair, short field of vision’ [describing women’s lack of exposure to the outside world], reflecting society’s mistrust of women’s judgment.”

In this picture: Quan Jingying

Women’s weak position at work and in family is further aggravated by society’s failure to address and prevent domestic violence. Quan Jingying, another workshop participant, said: “I was beaten by my husband and reported him to the police, but the police just said that family matters should be resolved between us. Beating someone is a crime, so why is beating your wife a family matter?”

Professor Pun Ngai, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, was also present at the press conference. According to professor Pun Ngai, the “100 Dislikes” express the consequences of a long-term patriarchal oppression. When women’s abilities are severely constrained and their contributions and sacrifices to society and family are overlooked, the result is widespread and high levels of emotional suppression, with no outlet for catharsis.

When the Hand in Hand Workers’ Center collected the dislikes in the industrial districts, the women workers were invited to take photos together with their handwritten dislikes. The collection of photos was presented at the press conference. Only a few women workers chose to be photographed, but most of them only with either their eyes or backs shown. Ms Wang explained: “While collecting these dislikes, many girls did not dare to write their feelings, and some were even forcefully pulled away by their husbands or boyfriends. You can really understand the high degree to which women are prevented from voicing their criticisms. We hope that in the future, when girls express their innermost thoughts, they will be direct and assured, rather than suppressed and concealed.”

In this picture: Our Demands

Hand in Hand Workers’ Center has put forth the following demands to address women workers’ problems in the workplace:

  • Trade unions must establish women workers’ committees or ensure women representatives in workers’ committees.
  • Equal opportunity for professional development .Women workers must be promoted to participate in the management of the factory.
  • Pay equity between men and women employees.
  • Leave on the basis of menstruation and pregnancy must be implemented.
  • Factories must develop mechanisms for preventing and addressing sexual harassment.


Demands for low-priced child care services

We urge the government to establish child care services, to resolve the issue of the left-behind children of migrants, and to increase resources and support for domestic violence survivors.

About the organization:

Hand in Hand Workers Center is a team of volunteers organized by a group of hearty workers. We share together the joy and pain in our work. We discuss solutions together to our hardship at work. We nurture the spiritual and cultural life of the workers. We believe that we can promote love and build a harmonious place together by supporting each other while we are long way from home. Besides basic labour rights, we also care about the situation and problems faced by women workers in general.

Organizer: Hand in Hand Workers Center

Event Spokesperson: Ms Wang Baoyu

Tel: 0755-29591040 / 134 10134 760



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Women Workers’ 100 Dislikes

(A) In Employment:
Women workers’ lack of opportunity for development, gender-based pay inequity, and discrimination in work positions
1. I dislike: Why is a pay increase like no increase at all, since commodity prices have increased?
2. I dislike: Why is work so hard? Being a woman is so hard.
3. I dislike: Right now the stress of everyday life is very high, the pressure at work is high, the cost of living is growing, and a pay raise is basically no raise.
4. I dislike: Housing rent is unaffordable, too many people live in one dorm, and the air quality is poor.
5. I dislike: Why do I hustle for all of these years, but still live paycheck to paycheck?
6. I dislike: The industrial zone’s environment is too poor! (Example: there are bedbugs.)
7. I dislike: The boss delays the workers’ pay, the canteens’ food is poor, the factories do not take care of workers’ health, and our workload is too high.
8. I dislike: Tomorrow will always have endless work.
9. I dislike: Leaving the work post requires permission, and additionally, there is a time limit.
10. I dislike: When I get off work, I miss my family, and as a worker, I do not have much money but also must take care of elders and children.
11. I dislike: I finally received additional pay, but there are so many deductions, who am I working for?
12. I dislike: a lot of overtime, low pay, why is the factory overtime pay so low…it does not even meet the minimum standard.
13. I dislike: I don’t feel well, I cannot take leave, I still must work, and on Sunday I must work overtime without pay.
14. I dislike: I do not get a holiday for International Women’s Day, I hope that I can receive a gift for the holiday.
15. I dislike:  I could go to work and take care of my child as well. I wish my husband could comfort me after I come home from work.
16. I dislike: Why must I slave every day on the assembly line and be cursed at?
17. I dislike: [he is] just a leader! What’s so great about that? commanding me all day long like a remote control, I’m not taking this anymore!
18. I dislike: Why does the company only arrange for males to receive technical training, I can learn this too! I could probably learn this even better, and be more outstanding than them!
19. I dislike: For the same type of work, my pay is a lot lower than men’s pay!
20. I dislike: I want to give birth and I want to have promotion. However, I must give up the chance for a promotion if I have a child.
21. I dislike: Because women physically bear the burden of childbirth, it is difficult to find a job because of this.
22. I dislike: The work position is discriminatory towards women. When women work, men feel uncomfortable and do not support my work.
23. I dislike: There are more male workers than female workers in the factory. The factory provides male workers with housing but not for female workers.
24. I dislike: Why is it that every month our salary is less than the boys’ for the same work?
25. I dislike: Why do men get more chances to learn advanced techniques?
26. I dislike: Because I have never been given the opportunity for a promotion, that is why I am discontent.
27. I dislike: Women workers’ promotional opportunities are fewer than men’s, at the top there are more men.
28. I dislike: Why are the mid- to upper-level personnel all men?
29. I dislike: Sometimes the job advertisements required the women are already married and sterilized.
30. I dislike: Why is it that after marriage, I can’t find an ideal job?
31. I dislike: Right now society advocates for gender equality, but why is it always that though women are clearly qualified, they are denied but a man is chosen instead?
32. I dislike: Our factory is all girls, we do not get a year-end bonus and quarterly bonus. We are all women workers, we have silent resentment.
33. I dislike: Why is it that factories will not hire women workers over the age of 35?
34. I dislike: My work performance is excellent but more people remark on my beauty than my abilities!
35. I dislike: Right now, society is treating women like men but salaries for women are lower than for men.
36. I dislike: It is waste of my time for working here.  Life is only around factory plant, dormitory, canteen and the line! The management system is unfriendly, no leave for menstruation, restriction for going to toilet.<
37. I dislike: Work is too tiring! I stand all day at work every day, and even when in period there is no exception!
38. I dislike: When I ask for vacation, I have to be cursed at by the manager.
39. I dislike: When my period comes, I still have to go to work, and additionally, when my period comes, I get stomach cramps but cannot take leave.

Workplace Sexual Harassment
40. I dislike: Male workers loudly telling obscene jokes on the bus—I feel very disgusted. It makes women workers embarrassed and the leader does not care.
41. I dislike: male workers will often touch women workers and make inappropriate jokes!
42. I dislike: When assembling cell phones, a male worker neglected loading the microphone cover, the quality control (a woman) reported this to the production management, and he joked that you must always wear a “cover” (same word as “condom”), for “safety.” This is an indirect way of showing contempt for women.

Occupational Safety and Health
43. I dislike: when I have an occupation-related sickness, I have to pay out of my own pocket for health care, the factory does not give sick pay, and does not give worker’s injury compensation.

(B) Family Matters:
Division of Household Work
44. I dislike: Why is it that the woman bears the child? Why is it that the household work is always done by women? Men always think that this is right and proper.
45. I dislike: Why is it that when my period comes and I don’t feel well, my husband will not help me with the laundry and cooking?
46. I dislike: I don’t like to raise children and stay at home all day, wasting my youth and turning into an unattractive housewife, and breaking away from the outside world! I want to work but I cannot go anywhere with a child.
47. I dislike: Why is it that men and women are not equal? Women must give birth, raise children, do housework, and also go to work, cook after work, do the laundry—these tasks are all done by women. It is too unfair!
48. I dislike: Why is it that my family always prefers boys to girls? (When I go home I must do the housework.)
49. I dislike: At work I am bullied, at home I do the housework.
50. I dislike: I protest that men do not do housework, when the clothing comes they reach their hands, when the food comes they open their mouths, when men come home they become emperors! When women come home they become slaves! In my next life I am not being a woman!
51. I dislike: When women do housework and raise children it is right and proper, but when men do so, people think that he is being bullied by a woman!
52. I dislike: Caring for children is too tiring, the housework is too much! I don’t have my own social life.
53. I dislike: Modern women must confront pressures at work during the day, and do housework when they return home at night, as well as deal with caring for children and family relationships.
54. I dislike: Why is it that women must give birth and raise children? Even if I am in a bad mood or sick, I must still take care of the children. When I am in a bad mood, I don’t even have time to express my feelings.

Household Status, Lack of Decision-Making Power
55. I dislike: Why is it that after marriage I must stay at home?
56. I dislike: Why the couple buy the house where near the husband’s hometown but not the wife’s after they get married?
57. I dislike: I must take care of my parents, as well as make money, and be criticized by my husband!
58. I dislike: When I marry, I must live with the man’s family and accept their way of life. It is annoying.
59. I dislike: As the family breadwinner, I cannot make decisions, only because I am a woman. I am just a daughter-in-law from elsewhere.
60. I dislike: Why are girls’ earnings sent home while boys do not need to do this! This is unfair to girls! Actually also relates to household status

Domestic Violence
61. I dislike: After I am beaten by my husband and file a police report, the police say that this is a household matter.
62. I dislike: I am beaten by my husband, but cannot move back to my mum’s home to live, because my hometown has a custom where after marriage the daughter cannot live in her mum’s home.

Marriage and Childbearing:
63. I dislike: Why must I marry, if I don’t marry will I not be able to survive?
64. I dislike: Why must I marry and have children by a certain age instead of deciding for myself?
65. I dislike: Why are women called “leftover women” if they are not married by age 24? Women need freedom like men.
66. I dislike: Why is it right and proper for men to have second or third wives but when married women talk with men at their age, they are gossiped about? It is acceptable for older men not to be married but older women are discriminated against.
67. I dislike:  It is common and normal that men has affairs, but it is a big deal for women. People always blame the mistress if there is affair in a marriage.
Son Preference
68. I dislike: Why have a son is a must in a marriage? Why the family elder ask for a grandson?
69. I dislike: Because the family prefers sons, only the sons receive books while daughters at most get told to start working after graduation from middle school.
70. I dislike: Why are elderly people so strict about son preference! Why is it that the woman is a vessel for procreation but cannot pursue her own dreams?
71. I dislike: It is obvious that having a boy or having a girl is determined by the father, so why is it that when a girl is born, the older generation always says that the mother is useless?

Lack of Self-Determination in Reproduction
72. I dislike: After a woman is married for a few years but hasn’t given birth, people will think that something is wrong with her. Why can’t she simply not want to have children?
73. I dislike: Why aren’t men the ones who are sterilized?
74. I dislike: Giving birth is already difficult enough, why must contraceptives torment women, my uterus is my own, why must it be controlled by someone else?? If you say that there will be a foreign body inside my body, who would feel comfortable???
75. I dislike: If I want to attend a public school, I must first be on contraceptives and be examined and tested for pregnancy, and two, I must have a certificate of sterilization (and also be examined), because they are afraid that you are lying, these people make me so angry!

(C) The Body’s Appearance
Women’s most important value is beauty
76. I dislike: women’s youth is shorter than men’s by so many years. Men “bloom” at age 40 while women turn into soybean dregs.
77. I dislike: Beautiful girls are placed in important positions regardless of ability, while average-looking girls will not be valued even with talent!
78. I dislike: There needs to be more research on removing stretch marks, after women give birth, many will have stretch marks, so ugly!
79. I dislike: After women give birth, their bodies change, they look bloated. Men are not grateful and think that women should not be this way!  It is possible that they have many love affairs, and this does not feel good!
80. I dislike: wearing a bra is extremely uncomfortable, it straps me in so uncomfortably, *crying*
81. I a dislike: After I get a short hairstyle, everybody thinks that I was left by someone.

(D) Sexual Matters
82. I dislike: When men have affairs, it is said that the woman seduced him, and that the biggest blame is on the woman!
83. I dislike: Why do men prefer virgin women despite the fact that he is not a virgin?
84. I dislike: During the sex life after marriage, men are not accommodating when it comes to birth control, men think only of their own comfort. He does not show understanding for the pain of abortion, he’ll only say, “No big deal!  Just abortion! There are many unmarried pregnancy cases.”
85. I dislike: When men have affairs, people will see it as join in the fun on occasion. When women have affairs, she is blamed as wonton bitch.

(E) Customs and Habits that are Discriminatory to Women and Biased (Men are Strong, Women are Weak; Women’s Abilities are Less Than Men’s)
86. I dislike:  Gender inequality: men are always right, women’s opinions are always wrong.
87. I dislike: Why a married daughter cannot go home on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day?  Why people said “a married daughter like splashed out water”?
88. I dislike: Why it is unsafe when women walk alone in the community at night?
89. I dislike: Women are always claimed as “misplaced kindness” and their decision is always unreasonable.
90. I dislike: Men always describe women as “‘Long hair, short field of vision’ [describing women’s lack of exposure to the outside world]
91. I dislike: When people in quarrels, women always be abused: mistress, bitch, FXXK your mother.
92. I dislike: Women who wear little are loose trollops sounds a little bit weird to me? but there always a reason for topless men.
93. I dislike: Why people sneer at me when I court, entertain or go out with a boy?
94. I dislike: There is a set of roles for Chinese women: from girls to housewife.  She should be good and moral when she is a girl.  She should take care of children, the elder and the family after married.  She should have good relations with the neighborhood.  She should work hard.  It is sorrowful!
95. I dislike: Man smokes is unalterable principle, woman smokes is wrong and improper.
96. I dislike: Public toilet always has a long queue of women! It is unreasonable design and planning, should be improved.
97. I dislike: Public toilet always has long queue of women.
98. I dislike: Why something men can do but women can’t!
99. I dislike: Don’t let gender discrimination become your “common sense”! We dislike gender discrimination!
100. I dislike: Women’s bodies always being used as gimmicks in TV advertisements.




昨天是國際勞動婦女節,在西鄉黃田的一家關注女工的勞工NGO 組織,以“女工100 個不爽”為主題的新聞發布會。深圳市手牽手工友活動室發言人王寶鈺表示,社會上普遍忽視女性的問題,因此這次三八活動,就在工業區內直接邀請女工書寫出她們心裡的不爽, 必須讓社會面對及處理女性的問題。


這次"徵集不爽"的活動反應熱烈,在短短的三個星期內共收到500 份女工書寫的”不爽”。王寶鈺表示上週日以徵集到的不爽開了一次女工討論會,女工總結及投票選出了最不爽的範疇,主要都是圍繞工作被歧視、家庭婚姻不自主、對女性身體及性方面的控制及社會價值的歧視。工廠管理對女工的歧視,例如男女同工不同酬、女工較男工較少晉升及發展機會、職業化學中毒女性化、沒有落實月經假及懷孕的特別工作安排,而且性騷擾也是嚴重的隱性問題等等;家庭生活方面,受社會"男主外,女主內"的觀念影響,女性仍然是理所當然的家庭照顧者,大多女性一旦結婚就因為要做家務及照顧小孩而失去自由;社會對女性身體的控制也相當嚴重,經常強調女性最大的"市場價值"就是美貌及身材,抹殺女性的其他可能性。王寶鈺不忿地說:”社會上有很多言論都歧視女性,如’婦人之見’、’頭髮長,視野短’,反映社會不信任女性的判斷。 ”

發言人 Wang Baoyu

在場的七位女工也講出了自己的心聲和故事,其中一位李巧娟說:"工廠有培訓及學習機會,都給男孩子,女工沒晉昇機會,很不爽! "另一位女工王清香就說:"做普工常常接觸很多化學品,都不知道是什麼,同廠很多女工都中毒了,又拿不到賠償! "女工全京英被家暴:"我被老公打了去報警,警察就說是家務事讓我們自己調解。打人犯法的,為什麼打老婆就是家務事呢? "

Quan Jingying



大會將徽集不爽時,同時邀請女工拿著自己書寫的不爽拍照,並將之製作成發布會背景牆,只見一張張女工或只露眼睛、或只拍背影的照片,拍正面的還是佔少數。王不無無奈地說:"徵集不爽時,很多女孩子都不敢把感受寫出來,有些更被老公或男友強拉走了,真的感受到女性在這個社會要表達意見是有多麼的阻礙。我們希望將來女孩子說出心底話時,都是理直氣壯,不用再遮遮掩掩了。 "



電話:755-29591040 / 134 10134 760




(A) 工作方面:











80。我不爽:戴Bra讓號我超級不爽,勒得我難受,5555 …

84。我不爽:在婚後性生活大全- 宜配網男性不配合(避孕措施),男性覺得理所當然,只顧著自己舒服。流產的痛苦,他都不會體諒,只說“大不了就打掉,沒結婚懷孕的狠多!!!!

88。我不爽:為什麼女性晚上吹不吹牛在路上都沒有安全感? ?





昨天是国际劳动妇女节,在西乡黄田的一家关注女工的劳工NGO 组织,以“女工100 个不爽”为主题的新闻发布会。深圳市手牵手工友活动室发言人王宝钰表示,社会上普遍忽视女性的问题,因此这次三八活动,就在工业区内直接邀请女工书写出她们心里的不爽, 必须让社会面对及处理女性的问题。


这次"征集不爽"的活动反应热烈,在短短的三个星期内共收到500 份女工书写的”不爽”。王宝钰表示上周日以征集到的不爽开了一次女工讨论会,女工总结及投票选出了最不爽的范畴,主要都是围绕工作被歧视、家庭婚姻不自主、对女性身体及性方面的控制及社会价值的歧视。工厂管理对女工的歧视,例如男女同工不同酬、女工较男工较少晋升及发展机会、职业化学中毒女性化、没有落实月经假及怀孕的特别工作安排,而且性骚扰也是严重的隐性问题等等;家庭生活方面,受社会"男主外,女主内"的观念影响,女性仍然是理所当然的家庭照顾者,大多女性一旦结婚就因为要做家务及照顾小孩而失去自由;社会对女性身体的控制也相当严重,经常强调女性最大的"市场价值"就是美貌及身材,抹杀女性的其他可能性。王宝钰不忿地说:”社会上有很多言论都歧视女性,如’妇人之见’、’头发长,视野短’,反映社会不信任女性的判断。”

发言人 Wang Baoyu


Quan Jingying






电话:755-29591040 / 134 10134 760




1. 我不爽:为什么涨了工资跟没涨一样,物价却还是涨的吓人?
2. 我不爽:为什么工作那么难找啊!做女人真难。
3. 我不爽:现在生活压力大,工作压力也大,消费越来越高,工资再涨也等于没涨。
4. 我不爽:现在房租太贵租不起(宿舍住太多人,空气不好)
5. 我不爽:为何我奔波多年,依然是个“月光族”。
6. 我不爽:工业区环境太垃圾!(床上都有臭虫)。
7. 我不爽:老板拖欠员工工资,饭堂伙食太差,工厂不顾及员工健康,超负荷工作。
8. 我不爽:明天都有做不完的工作。
9. 我不爽:离岗要带离岗证而且有时间限制。
10. 我不爽:下班就想家人,作为一个普工,没有多少钱,还要照顾老人、孩子。
11. 我不爽:好不容易加工资了,这又扣那又扣的,到底是为了谁在工作。
12. 我不爽:加班多,工资低,为什么工厂加班费那么低……最低标准都达不到。
13. 我不爽:身体不舒服,请不到假,还要上班,星期天免费加班。
14. 我不爽:“三八节”不放假,希望放假有礼品。
15. 我不爽:可以上班又可以带小孩就好了,回到家里能得到老公的安慰
16. 我不爽:为什么天天在流水线上累死累活还要被骂?
17. 我不爽:不久一个领导吗?有什么了不起,整天像个遥控器一样指挥我,老子不干了!
18. 我不爽:为什么公司只安排男生去学技术,我也可以学啊!我可能会学得更快更好,比他们更出色!
19. 我不爽:同样工种,工资比男性低的多!
20. 我不爽:想“生”也想“升”,为了生小孩,失去升职机会。
21. 我不爽:因为女性生理结构承担生孩子的责任,正因为生孩子好难找工作。
22. 我不爽:职位对女性有歧视,女性工作时男性心底不服气,背地里不支持我的工作。
23. 我不爽:工厂男工多,女工少。工厂给男工提供宿舍,不给女工提供。
24. 我不爽:为什么每个月我们的工资都比男孩少!同样的工作为什么不一样。
25. 我不爽:为什么男生可以学更好技术。
26. 我不爽:因为在厂里从来没有提升的机会,所以我不爽。
27. 我不爽:女职工升职空间比男职工小很多,高层里男性比例多。
28. 我不爽:工厂里中高级人员为什么是男的。
29. 我不爽:有的公司招聘时要求已婚已育。
30. 我不爽:为何结婚后,找不到理想工作?
31. 我不爽:现在社会倡导男女平等,为什么明明女性也有能力胜任的事情,为何总是?否认女性的能力而选择男性呢?!
32. 我不爽:我们厂都是女孩子,厂里比我们提前走,不给年终奖和季度奖,都是女工,我们敢怒不敢言。
33. 我不爽:为什么女工到了三十五岁后工厂就不招?
34. 我不爽:我工作非常出色但,别人总是夸我漂亮多过夸我能干!
35. 我不爽:现在社会把女人当个男人用,工资又普遍比男人低
36. 我不爽:每天上班三点一线,浪费青春!

37. 我不爽:工作太累了!每天站在上班,例假也不例外!
38. 我不爽:来例假请假还要挨主管骂!
39. 我不爽:来月经还要来上班,而且来月经肚子也痛,也不可以请假。

40. 我不爽:男工在车间大声讲黄色笑话,觉得很恶心。让女工难堪,老大不管。
41. 我不爽:男工经常对女孩子动手动脚,还开过分的玩笑!
42. 我不爽:在组装手机时,男工漏装了麦克套,品质(女性)告诉了生产管理,他会嬉皮笑脸的说要带“套子”,为了安全。一种间接的鄙视女人。

43. 我不爽:得了职业病,医疗费自己掏,工厂不给工资,也不给做工伤鉴定。

44. 我不爽:为什么女人要生孩子。为什么做家务的总是女人。男人总是认为天经地义。
45. 我不爽:为什么身体来月经时不舒服,老公不帮我洗衣做饭?
46. 我不爽:不喜欢带小孩,整天呆在家,浪费青春,变成黄脸婆,将来跟社会脱离!很想出去工作,有小孩哪里都去不了。
47. 我不爽:为什么男女不平等。女人要生小孩、带小孩、做家务、还要出来打工,下班后做饭、洗衣、都要女人做,真是太不公平!
48. 我不爽:为什么家里人都重男轻女(回家要做家务)。
49. 我不爽:上班受气下班做家务。
50. 我不爽:我抗议男人不做家务.衣来伸手饭来张囗,男人回家做皇帝!女人回家做奴隶!下辈子不做女人啦!

51. 我不爽:女人做家务带小孩天经地义,男人做就被认为被女人欺负!
52. 我不爽:带小孩太累,家务活太多!没有自己的生活圈子。
53. 我不爽:现今的女性,白天得面对上班的压力,晚上回家还得做家务,另外还得面对带小孩,亲戚关系处理。
54. 我不爽:为什么女人又要生孩子、又要带孩子。就连心情不好,身体不好都要带。心情不好时都没有时间表达情绪。

55. 我不爽:为什么结婚了就一定要呆家。
56. 我不爽:为什么结婚要在男方家里买房子,不可以在女方家买房?
57. 我不爽:生活上要照顾父母,又要赚钱,还要被老公挑剔!
58. 我不爽:结婚嫁到男方家,要接受他们的生活方式,很烦。
59. 我不爽:作为家庭的经济支柱,我却不能做主,只因为我是女性,我是一个外地媳妇。

60. 我不爽:为什么女孩子打工的钱往家里寄,而男孩子却不用!这对我们女孩很不公平!

61. 我不爽:被老公打后,我去报警,警察说是家务。
62. 我不爽:被老公打,还不能回家住,因为家乡有风俗,出嫁不能住娘家。

63. 我不爽:为什么一定要嫁人,不结婚就无法生存么?
64. 我不爽:为什么到了一定年龄就结婚生子,没有自由,为什么不可以自己选。
65. 我不爽:为什么女人24 岁不婚,就被称为剩女!女人也与男人一样需要自由。
66. 我不爽:为什么男人找二奶三奶是天经地义,已婚女士找位男性同胞说多两句话都被说三道四,大龄男人未婚也是天经地义,大龄女士未婚就要被歧视。
67. 我不爽:男人出轨很正常,女人就不得了,出了问题都是骂“小三”?

68. 我不爽:男女都一样。为什么老人家一定要生儿子呢?
69. 我不爽:因为家里重男轻女,只送男孩子读书,女孩子最多初中毕业就叫打工了!
70. 我不爽:为什么老人重男轻女的思想那么严重!为什么女人是传宗接代的工具,不能完成自己的梦想?
71. 我不爽:明明生男生女是男人的问题,为什么生个女孩,上一辈却是说女人没用。

72. 我不爽:女人结婚几年还不生孩子就会被认为“有病”,不想要不行吗?
73. 我不爽,为什么不是男人结扎?
74. 我不爽:女人生BB 已经够辛苦了,为什么又要整个”上环”的东西来折磨女性,
75. 我不爽:要想在深圳上个公办学校就是这样,一个的要上环,每四个月要查

76. 我不爽:女人的青春比男人短那么多年。男人四十一朵花,女人四十豆腐渣。
77. 我不爽:漂亮的女孩没本事可以受到重用,而相貌平常的女孩再有本事也不会引起重视!
78. 我不爽:加强研究祛妊娠纹的方法,女人生完孩子大多都有妊娠纹,难看啊!哎!
79. 我不爽:女性生了孩子后,身体变形了,样子臃肿了,男人不感恩,还觉得她们是应该的!有可能到处去拈花惹草,这个很不爽!!
80. 我不爽:戴Bra 让我超级不爽,勒得我难受,5555…
81. 我不爽:剪了个短发大家都说我受刺激了。

82. 我不爽:男人去偷人就说成是哪个女人勾引他,最大责任在女人!
83. 我不爽:为什么男生总喜欢处女,而他却不是处男。
84. 我不爽:在婚后性生活中男性不配合(避孕措施),男性觉得理所当然,只顾着自己舒服。流产的痛苦,他都不会体谅,只说“大不了就打掉,没结婚
85. 我不爽:这个社会男人出轨就是一句“逢场作戏”带过,女人出轨就是“水性杨花”遗臭万年。

86. 我不爽:男女不平等,男人说的是对的,女人提的意见都是妇人之见,就是不爽。
87. 我不爽:为什么除夕、初一不能回娘家过年?为什么说嫁出去的女儿就是泼出去的水?
88. 我不爽:为什么女性晚上走在路上都没有安全感???
89. 我不爽:女人老被骂“妇人之仁”,女人的判断不靠谱。
90. 我不爽:男人老说女人“头发长,见识短”
91. 我不爽:吵架时,老是拿女人来骂人,“三儿!”“他妈人”“x 你妈!!”
92. 我不爽:女人穿的少就被说成是荡妇,男人光着膀子总有合理理由!
93. 我不爽:为什么我追男孩子别人都笑话我?
94. 我不爽:中囯女性有太多的不爽!从女孩子到家庭主妇,女孩子时要形象好,素质好,嫁人后,要把孩子带好,公.婆.老公照料好,左邻右舍相处好,工作要做好…….想着就悲哀!!
95. 我不爽:男人抽烟就天经地义,女人抽烟就被说三道四!

96. 我不爽:公共场所女厕所老是排长队呢!规划的不合理,改善。
97. 我不爽:为什么上厕所老是排长队。
98. 我不爽:为什么男人能做的事情,女人不能做!
99. 我不爽:别让性别歧视变成你的‘常识’!我们对性别歧视很不爽!
100. 我不爽:很多电视广告中,用女人身体来作噱头.