More than 200 workers from Delta Smooth Limited (金顺台艺品厂)

More than 200 workers from Delta Smooth Limited (金顺台艺品厂) in Shenzhen, a supplier of Costco in China have launched a series of street protests since 6 May, as the owner refused to pay their wages, social insurance and economic compensation after the factory closure. They marched to the township and district government offices to demand investigation into the issue but received no response. Delta Smooth’s biggest client is Costco– the second largest retailer in US and the seventh largest retailer in the world. While Costco is renowned for its family atmosphere for employees, SACOM urges Costco’s intervention into the matter to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, by enjoining Zheng Rongwenthe owner of Delta Smooth, to meet his legal liability and settle the defaulted wages and compensations of work injuries and occupational diseases with the workers as soon as possible.